Vocational School G (basic vocational training) (Berufsfachschule G)

Course of study at the Vocational School includes the acquisition of basic vocational training and equivalent lower secondary level qualifications. Accepted students include those who do not attend a vocational school program or a full-time secondary school program, but who are required to attend a vocational school in the state of Brandenburg.

Admission is also possible during the school-year, depending on the availability of places.


– Expansion of general education
– Imparting of basic vocational knowledge and skills
– Imparting knowledge on the forms of vocational training and occupational fields
– Acquisition of the vocational training qualification (Berufsbildungsreife), or the expansion of the vocational training qualification in the case that no lower secondary graduation certificate (Abschluss der Sekundarstufe I) has been acquired to date


1 year